Solea® Laser: Needle Free, Drill Free Dentistry

Solea® Laser: Needle Free, Drill Free Dentistry

According to the American Dental Association® (ADA), 22% of adults do not visit the dentist out of fear – fear of pain, fear of drills, fear of needles.  At Blue Ash Dental, we specialize in a cutting-edge laser technology called Solea®, the first CO2 dental laser cleared by the FDA for hard and soft tissue procedures. With Solea® dental laser, you will experience virtually no pain, no noise, and no needle. Sit back and enjoy the sweet sound of silence.

How Does the Solea® Dental Laser Work?

A laser is a unique and narrow light source often used in cutting, drilling, surgery, holography, and the reading of coded information such as UPCs and compact discs. The precision and wavelength of a laser allow it to deliver results with exacting precision and speed. In the world of dental lasers, this source is used in the place of drills and extracting tools. Solea® is a dental laser using an oxygen-18 isotope which evaporates tooth enamel and provides a clean cut to soft tissue.

The Benefits of Solea®

As if pain-free, drill-free, needle-free wasn’t benefited enough, the use of Solea® laser dentistry provides you with another valuable bonus: your time. The amount of preparation for local anesthetics, sterilization of multiple tools and everyone’s favorite part – waiting to get numb! – are practically eliminated with the use of the Solea® dental laser.

Also, dental insurance policies code laser dentistry the same as traditional drilling. If your plan covers drill work, it will cover Solea®.

More Than Just Drilling

The science behind the Solea® dental laser allows use for hard tissue AND soft tissue procures. The laser technology can be used for gingivectomy surgery, the removal of oral lesions and other soft tissues procedures with minimal bleeding and need for sutures.

Visit Us for the Solea® Difference

At Blue Ash Dental, we pride ourselves on providing an alternative to needles and drills. By offering Solea® laser dentistry, we can decrease our patients’ discomfort and increase their commitment to frequent visits to our office. Speaking of visits, schedule yours today.

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